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Get Started

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Embrace the Butterflies

Every planning process is filled with unknowns. But take heart, they don't call it a process for nothing. Homecrest offers simple tips and tools to help explore your cabinet options and organize your ideas – making designing your kitchen easier. Grow your wings and enjoy the journey.

  • Find Your Style

    Find Your Style

    We've all got one. Are you earthy on the outside with a pastel center? Maybe you're control minus the freak. In the case of kitchens, consider why you like to cook (or even if you like to cook, for that matter). Then shape and color your new space accordingly.

    Design Styles »

    Learn about cabinet styles to discover which one works for you.

    Inspiration Gallery »

    We have four easy ways to find your signature style.

  • Design Your Room

    Design Your Room

    What style are you? Every home has different needs and every homeowner, different tastes. That's why we’ve developed a variety of resources and tools to help you find a look that says “you.” Start wherever you are in your project by selecting a topic below, or jump right in to browse our products to find your dream cabinets.


    Design 101 »

    Get busy with these basic design principles.

    Working With a Designer »

    Learn how to prepare for the first meeting.

    Trends »

    What’s hot today… and tomorrow.

    Green Guide »

    Find out how we’re making a difference.


    Cabinet 101 »

    Understand the ins and outs of cabinet design.

    Cabinet Construction »

    Doors, drawers and hinges explained.

    Choosing a Material »

    Allow nature's masterpiece to define your style.

    PureStyle »

    For those looking for the beauty of paint with added durability.

    Choosing Hardware »

    Find ways to make a style statement with these details.

    Custom Choice Cabinetry »

    Make your room truly personal with these personal touches.

    Moulding and Accents  »

    Select finishing touches to complete your vision.

    Cabinet Interiors »

    Explore Homecrest’s Complements™ collection to help organize your life.

    Budget Calculator »

    Do you have a budget? Need to create one? We can help.

  • Plan Your Project

    Plan Your Project

    A little planning goes a long way when you're embarking on a kitchen remodel. Prepare for construction and live through your remodel by following these simple tips.

    Measure Twice »

    Discover simple tips to get your project off on the right foot.

    Living Through Your Remodel  »

    A little preparation goes a long way, see what to do!

    How to Order »

    Get expert guidance and support.

  • Install Your Cabinets

    Install Your Cabinets

    Whether you're planning to install your cabinets yourself or hire a professional, preparation is the key to success. These resources offer key steps to ensure a smooth installation.

    Preparing for Construction »

    Tips to get you and your project ready.

    Working with Your Installer »

    Finding a recommended installer starts things off right.

  • Love Your Space

    Love Your Space

    You've dreamed it. Planned it. And built it. And now that the work is complete and your new kitchen is all you thought it would be, ensure your cabinets continue to look and function great with these helpful resources.

    Care & Cleaning »

    Maintain the beauty of your cabinets with these recommendations.

    Touch-Ups  »

    Cover a nick or scratch with your customized touch-up kit.

    Adjustments »

    Follow these best practices to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

    Warranty »

    You can trust our commitment to you.